Grace’s Cafe of Goodness

Since tiny, Grace has wanted to own her own cafe. Not just any cafe, but one with the most gorgeous of fare… “Grace’s Cafe of Goodness” will be overflowing with cupcakes upon cupcakes, delicious cakes and sweet treats that will make choice an impossibility…

Her philosophy is simple: Cake is good. I find it hard to argue with that.

Helping her make her dream come true is friend and photographer Victor Carter who took these lovely shots on Anne and Dave’s farm a few years back. We had great fun planning the menu and setting the scene for a gorgeous cafe-worthy afternoon tea party… Yum.

GCG TeapotGCG Party table   GCG Parfait GCG Table GCG Pink Fizz GCG Cupcakes GCG Rose holding cupcake GCG Strawberries GCG Girls eating strawberries GCG Coconut ice GCG Gate GCG Whirling


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