Paper, scissors, rock!

There are so many things to love about old books – yellowed paper, old fashioned type, line drawings to name a few. Often pieces of discarded books end up with a second life in my cards and projects. I like to mix and match old with new – vintage papers with modern ones, scraps of fabric and random stamps – and I layer the pieces together to get an interesting result. I just keep playing with the elements until they please my eye, then I glue or stitch them into place.

There is something about turning a few flat sheets of paper into something with structure and purpose that is very satisfying. Best of all, it’s easy and it doesn’t take long!

Here are some of the pages from my paper craft feature as seen in Good magazine… (

Paper Scissors Rock_Page_1 Paper Scissors Rock_Page_2 Paper Scissors Rock_Page_3 Paper Scissors Rock_Page_4 Paper Scissors Rock_Page_5 papercraft01_tall_carousel papercraft05 papercraft06 papercraft07


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