Made with love

If you are looking for some special gifts to make, then look no further – these lovely ideas from the fabulous Jo Seagar are just the thing! From a delicious raspberry cordial to sweet treats and tasty pickles, there’s something for everyone – even the family dog!

Jo, photographer Jae Frew and I had great fun working on this photoshoot for the Australian Women’s Weekly a few years ago. We pretty much took over Jae’s entire lounge for two days as we worked on these ‘gift’ pages as well as a full on Christmas dinner! And, having tasted each recipe (just doing my job!) must point out that you may well be tempted not to give any of these gifts away…

Recipes: Jo Seagar
Photography: Jae Frew
Styling: Susan Elijas
Magazine: Australian Women’s Weekly

AWW Gift Tags AWW_seagar_ 35731 jogifts jogifts2 jogifts3 jogifts4AWW Gift Jar AWW_seagar_ 35713 Made with love

One thought on “Made with love

  1. Oh you are SO fabulous and create such beautiful things…. all so lovely to look at and be inspired. Amazing Lady right there!


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