Making the Sultan’s shoes

It’s amazing what you can do with a bit of masking tape and a hot glue gun… Before I knew it,  a worn out pair of old ballet flats had turned into shoes worthy of a prince. Or should I say, Sultan.

I started by cutting pointy toe shapes out of a plastic ice cream container and attached these to the shoe with with masking tape. Quite a lot of tape – till I got the shape I wanted. Then, similarly, added the pointy bits at the top of the shoe… Once the basic shape was there, a hot glue gun attached the gold fabric to fit, and finally the rough edges were covered up with some sparkly braid.  And voila, the Sultan was shod.

(Check out the ‘Arabian Nights’ post for more images of the completed costumes…) Sultans Shoes-2   Sultans Shoes-5Sultans Shoes-6    Sultans Shoes-9 Sultans Shoes


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