The writing’s on the wall…

Putting some hand-crafted touches onto Pumpkin Patch’s new flagship store was a real delight, and it was a fascinating process to see the large empty space transform into a vibrant and bustling kids’ store in the space of just a few weeks.

I had a lot of fun – tiny vintage chairs and message boards were given individual paint treatments, artist friend Steve Reid and I spent hours transforming a tiny changing room into a South American jungle, and then I got to write all over the walls!

This involved a lot of faith in my trusty step ladder, some hand-cut stencils, and some really fab art markers from Gordon Harris.

Favourite quote: “Today you are you | that is truer than true | There is no one alive | Who is youer than you.”

Nicely put, Dr Seuss!

IMG_5189 IMG_5198 IMG_5207 IMG_5224 IMG_5210 IMG_5198 IMG_5199 IMG_5194 IMG_5215


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