When Rebecca and Jeremey got married…

A perfect autumnal day in Anne and Dave’s lovely garden… a perfect place to celebrate the commitment of love with family and friends.

With such a beautiful setting, the styling touches were easy – simple arrangements of flowers in jars and flower-filled glass globes hanging from low-lying branches. Vows were shared beneath trees linked by simple white linen bunting.

As the champagne flowed, guests enjoyed a gourmet picnic lunch in the autumn sunshine – homegrown lamb, locally-sourced rustic breads and handmade chutney.  Truly an occasion to remember.

Spratt Wedding LR-7

Spratt Wedding LR-4

Spratt Wedding LR-15 Spratt Wedding LR  Spratt Wedding LR-13 Spratt Wedding LR-12 Spratt Wedding LR-10 Spratt Wedding LR-8 Spratt Wedding LR-17  Spratt Wedding LR-5  Spratt Wedding LR-3 Spratt Wedding LR-2


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